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Why Tribe Living?

In our Tribe we have over 60 years of collective experience in the home design, home furnishing and mattress industries. We have seen frustration growing in the shopping experience with retail getting a negative reputation, and online marketing companies overpromising and underdelivering on the quality and experience. We wanted to develop a new, better way for friends to recommend GREAT products they're using and be financially rewarded for it.


We love our mattress and love Tribe Living! Can't wait to buy more from you guys.

Lisa Hua

I sleep so much better on the Tribe Living mattress. Amazing!

Meaghan Guydon

My back loves it!!!! Can't wait to get to bed each night on my mattress!

Wendy Ryan

Tribe Talk

A lifestyle brand designed with purpose, on purpose. A group of women just like you and me, bringing high quality, hand selected products to consumers near and far.  Tribe Living allows women the opportunity to make an impact in today’s society while creating a legacy that will last a lifetime. Tribe Living is not just about top-notch products, better sleep, amazing bedding, it is about that and so much more. Tribe Living is about opportunity, connection, empowerment, sisterhood, and believing in what the power of a tribe can do for you.

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